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SOLAS has the overall responsibility for managing apprenticeship nationally. Athlone Training Centre has responsibility for
the administration and management of the apprenticeship programme in the Midlands Region. Apprenticeship is governed
by the Rules of Apprenticeship in the designated occupations and Athlone Training Centre provides a support service to help
apprentices to gain the knowledge, skills and competencies required to perform effectively as a craftsperson.
Apprenticeship is standard based.

During your apprenticeship there is a requirement to follow a specific course of training
and undergo a series of assessments to confirm that the required standard has been reached.
Apprenticeship generally comprises of seven phases, three off-the-job and four-on-the-job.
The only exceptions to the above are Print Media apprenticeships, which have
five phases, three on-the-job, and two off-the-job training phases.

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Phase 2 : Athlone Training Centre (for Specific trades only)

Phase 4 : Institute of Technology or College of Further Education

Phase 6 : Institute of Technology or College of Further Education

At present the general duration of apprenticeship is a minimum of four years provided that the following is complied with:

  • Attend all off-the-job training phases when scheduled by SOLAS
  • Pass all off-the-job modular assessments
  • Pass all on-the-job assessments and ensure results are returned to the appropriate Education and Training Board

Employers have responsibility for providing on-the-job training and completing on the job assessments.

You must obtain employment as an apprentice in your chosen trade. Your employer must be approved to train apprentices and must register you as an apprentice within 2 weeks of recruitment.

The minimum age at which the employment of an apprentice may commence is 16 years of age.

The minimum educational requirements are: Grade D in five subjects in the Department of Education and Skills Junior Certificate Examination or an approved equivalent,


The successful completion of an approved Pre-Apprenticeship course


Be over 18 years of age, have at least 3 years work experience approved by SOLAS.

In certain crafts, apprenticeship applicants are required to pass an approved colour vision test for some trades only. Employers can determine their own educational requirements e.g the E.S.B. have a minimum requirement of Leaving Certificate.


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